Welcome to my revived website. The old one fell into disuse after the tragic death of my consultant, John Kirwan.

I am currently working on a book on naval prize money and its effects, for example in supporting art and building country houses such as Admiral Boscawen’s Hatchlands near Guildford. So far I have not found anyone who became happy through prize money. The seamen of the lower deck were often cheated out of it, or blew it all as soon as they got ashore. I am still looking for one who made good. Admirals could become super-rich but it brought its problems. Admiral Rodney was a compulsive gambler and had to go into exile to escape his creditors. Edward Boscawen came closest to happiness, with a fine house and a loving wife and family, but he died before he could enjoy them for long.

Sarah and Alice and I are currently planning a move to the south coast of England after more than 25 years in Greenwich, and it has made me reassess my collection of about 7000 books which are now in storage. But I will not be giving up research, I plan to go into London at least one day a week. Armed with a digital camera I can scan enough documents to last me the rest of the week.