Classic Books

Ship of the Line (2 vols, 1983-4)
A history of the British sailing battlefleet.
An impressive...
and in some respects unique contribution to the story of British sea power in the age of sail

Professor Glyndwr Williams
Nelson’s Navy (1989)
A complete guide to the most successful fleet of its day. Constantly in print for nearly 30 years.
A masterpiece on life in the Senior Service under England’s favourite
seafaring son
The Times
Nelson and the Nile (1997)
The story of the campaign which led to Nelson’s first battle in command, and his closest confrontation with Napoleon Bonaparte
If one had to choose just one book on Nelson and the Napoleonic Wars, this would be it Peter Stanford, founding editor,
Sea History
Ship (2004)
A highly illustrated guide to the ships of the world throughout history. Translated into many languages. Recently revised and reprinted
Very informative and excellent value for money
International Journal of Nautical Archaeology
Churchill Goes to War (2007).
The story of Winston Churchill’s adventurous and innovative voyages by sea and air to meet leaders such as Roosevelt and Stalin
Well researched and at times deeply inspiring
Andrew Roberts, Mail on Sunday
Empire of the Seas (2010)
Which spent four weeks in the Sunday Times best sellers list in 2010
This is an excellent book, readable yet informed and underpinned by Brian Lavery’s expertise as one of the best naval historians in Britain, if not the world. Buy the book and remember why Britain needs the Royal Navy; a navy that gave her prestige and influence.
Dr Duncan Redford, University of Exeter