Television, Radio and Films

A skilled TV and radio performer, he appeared in programmes such as Time Team and Timewatch. He has acted as consultant on many documentaries, including Empire of the
Seas (2010).
With Tony Robinson during the filming of a Time Team Special, The Wreck of the Colossus
Peter Weir directing Master and Commander
The programme for the London Premier
Historical Consultant to the Oscar-winning Master and Commander, starring Russell
Crowe and directed by Peter Weir.
‘What has Lavery got to say about it?’
‘He agrees.’
‘No, I’m sure he disagrees.’
‘Go and get the Lavery.’
Any or all of the above dialogue might have been heard in my office in Baja,
Mexico, during the early months of 2002. We were preparing to shoot a film
based on the novels of Patrick O’Brian, and the book in question was Brian
Lavery’s Nelson’s Navy, a prime source for all departments, as it crossed the
spectrum from buttons to boomkins.
Peter Weir, 2003