Brian Lavery - Maritime History Expert

Museums & Exhibitions

Brian has a great knowledge of the maritime museum sector, having visited and made links with most of those in the United Kingdom, as well as the most important in the United States and Europe. He has a deep knowledge of museum collections. He is editor of the Manual of Maritime Curatorship.

Model of HMS Bellona 1760

Having co-written Ship Models, Their Purpose and Development and other books, and worked with the National Maritime Museum Collection for many years, I am an expert on the identification and interpretation of ship models.

Original 1991 display in the Wooden Walls gallery in Chatham

Part of the original 1991 display in the Wooden Walls gallery at Chatham. It lasted for more than twenty years before being updated

Hampshire and Isle of Wight museums

I carried out a survey of the maritime collections of Hampshire and Isle of Wight museums.

Guest curator on HMS Victory

I was guest curator on HMS Victory: The Untold Story. During the research I discovered that the ship would have been wrecked on launch but for the initiative of a dockyard worker.

"While it is not possible to cover all areas in a single exhibition there are a number of insights that give a really different perspective on Chatham’s and the world’s most famous ship."

Richard Holdsworth MBE, Preservation and Education Director, Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust