Brian Lavery - Maritime History Expert


I am able to conduct small parties on request, on one to seven day tours of maritime sites.

Possible subjects include;

  • Historic Ships of Britain including Mary Rose, Victory, Great Britain, Warrior, Cutty Sark, Belfast
  • Individual ports, including Chatham, Portsmouth, Southampton, Plymouth, the Clyde etc
  • Tours of European ships and sites, e.g. Vasa in Stockholm, Venice, Menorca as featured in the Patrick O’Brian novels
  • Patrick O’Brian’s England.
Portsmouth Harbour in 1911

Portsmouth Harbour in its heyday, 1911

The Chesapeake Mill

The Chesapeake Mill, built from the timbers of a captured US warship

Short voyages on historic ships might be included when convenient. The tours are well illustrated with specially prepared documents.

Port Mahon in Menorca

Port Mahon in Menorca, featured in O’Brian’s Master and Commander.

Please contact me with any requests or proposals