Recent Books

The Conquest of the Ocean
Lavery gives us an enormous amount of information about exploration, trade and war during the last 5,000 years of travelling our planet's mass of water known as "The Oceans". He uses first hand accounts to bring alive the points of view of different cultures and nationalities and different classes of seamen, passengers and immigrants. Lavery can spin a good yarn and keeps you interested throughout.
Mrs. M. Stamp, VINE VOICE
Haynes Manual, SS Great Britain.
Using the format of the classic car manuals, it explains Brunel’s historic ship from the point of view of the builders, the sailors, the engineers and the passengers It is a meticulously detailed, and beautifully and profusely illustrated study of one of the technically most important ships ever built in Britain, covering its history, construction, equipment, engineering, people, navigation and career, written by one of our foremost experts, Brian Lavery of the National Maritime Museum.
Complete master of his subject, Lavery manages to explain things clearly for the landlubber while at the same time giving such comprehensive and intimate detail as to enthrall anyone who has used the sea.
Seaweed, Amazon
Nelson's Victory
Covering much more than the conventional story of the ship at Trafalgar under Nelson, this book breaks new ground in exploring the whole 250 year story of the ship using documentary sources and personal experience
Supported by an engaging text and well chosen illustrations, it is an account in which the fascinating life of the ship, which played such a prominent part in the maritime history of the nation, truly comes alive.

Maritime Media Awards, 2015
Mary Rose, Owner’s Workshop Manual
A very, very good guide to this most impressive warship. Contains just the right level of detail on the ship, its crew and fittings, plus the story of its recovery. Has a good amount of photos and plans to really bring the ship alive.
Amazon Customer

The Last Big Gun, at War and at Sea with HMS Belfast
Lavery is to be congratulated on suffusing several strands of history be it naval, social, or imperial in a coherent narrative. Using a combination of official records, personal reminiscences, and secondary literature, a unique biography emerges of the light cruiser and those who served in her. Remaining true to technical and operational details, Lavery never fails to inform while at the same moment maintaining the reader’s interest.
Joseph Moretz, PhD, British Commission for Military History
Wooden Warship Construction; A History in Ship Models
In a book so copiously illustrated, the reader expects only a brief overview of the parts and processes that follow. Incredibly, so many details are presented you can’t possibly remember them all after one reading. Anyone considering building an authentic wooden ship model or researching any aspect of ship construction would do well to begin with this excellent book.
Irwin Bryan

Churchill, Warrior, How a Military Life Guided Winston’s Finest Hours
What Lavery does best is track Britain's military development through the half-century prior to World War II, a process that often centered on Churchill… Lavery gives life to the arguments and compromises behind some of the most consequential military decisions of the last century, folding together crisp narration with quotes from British leaders.
Paul X. Rutz, HistoryNet